Summit Charter School Vision

Summit Charter School Mission

Our vision is to create a relationship-based TK-8 that engages students to learn, lead and thrive; invites the community to participate, shape and enjoy; and partners with teachers to guide, innovate and inspire a joyful love of learning.

Summit Charter School prepares our students to engage the world with integrity, resilience and compassion. The guiding principle for our school is to develop and deepen relationships with self, peers, teachers, parents, our communities and the natural world, providing a safe and enriching learning environment. We will dynamically meet and exceed the California Standards through a research-based curriculum and innovative instructional methodologies. 

Summit Charter School Overview

SCS curriculum will have a strong academic focus with an emphasis on environmental science, sustainability, and cultural literacy. This TK-8 comprehensive, relationship-based curriculum promotes resilience in the social, emotional, intellectual, artistic and physical development of our students. During their time at SCS, students will acquire and practice 21st century skills and have experiences being innovators, collaborators, creators, leaders, and problem-solvers. 


We will design and build our school with relationships in mind. We will intentionally create multi-grade classrooms that will allow students to be with their teachers for two years, maximizing the relationships among student, teacher and family. Our multi-grade approach, combined with our innovative instructional methodologies, will give students the unique opportunity to be teachers to others, and enhance the depth of learning. Among the numerous benefits of multi-grade classrooms, children have the flexibility to work below, at or above grade level, revisit concepts as necessary, and work one-on-one with teachers.  


At SCS, we have an academic focus on Environmental Science and Sustainability. It is our goal to prepare students to become the leaders and participants who will have the skills, tools and awareness to think creatively, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively on behalf of themselves, each other, and the environment. Children will engage in indoor and outdoor learning through hands-on activities, inquiry, and projects which incorporate permaculture principles and practices as well as nature-based learning. Additionally, through the use of Next Generation Science Standards, all students will be provided with an internationally benchmarked science education.


At SCS, all students will experience our Cultural Literacy Program with a Spanish language-acquisition component which will be aligned with the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools. The goals of this program are to motivate and prepare students to pursue further study; cultivate them to be inclusive global citizens; and to develop an understanding of how Spanish language and local culture are dependent upon one another. The study of languages and cultures affords students the opportunity to become global citizens who are capable of collaborating in multilingual communities and addressing 21st century world challenges. As stated in the California World Languages Content Standards, an introduction of language learning early in the elementary years ensures a smooth articulation through high school and beyond.


At Summit Charter School, play is highly valued and infused into our daily curriculum. Students will have multiple outdoor and indoor play exploration opportunities. One example is that students will have access to a Maker Space where they will be able to engage in play experiences such as woodworking, robotics, engineering, designing, and coding. Other examples include sports, cooking, gardening and hiking. Intended outcomes of all play will be on students developing physical well-being, creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical-thinking skills while deepening relationships. 


The intended result of SCS is to nurture confident, growth-minded learners. Their emotional needs will be met, and they will be given the tools and opportunities to build positive relationships with others. They will learn 21st century skills through inquiry, hands-on activities, projects, and play.  They will learn about their environment and be prepared to be entrusted with caring for it in the future. They will gain an understanding of language and culture through the Cultural Literacy Program with a Spanish language-acquisition component. These learners will be guided by caring and highly qualified teachers using best educational practices and a standards-based curriculum at our school that welcomes parents and community members. 

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